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Every good essay starts with a good outline.

Writing an essay without an outline is like driving without GPS. Don't wander around aimlessly. Use Outline to help you plan and organize your next paper.
Step 1


With our intuitive idea matrix, you don't have to worry about what to write ever again. Brainstorm ALL of your ideas and get guidance from our idea categories. When you're done brainstorming, favorite your best ideas to move on to sequencing.
Step 2


Your ideas...streamlined. Drag, drop, add, delete, and group important ideas together to create a cohesive narrative. These are the main ideas of your essay and the backbone of your Outline.
Organize your thoughts. Write better essays. Increase your GPA.
Organize your thoughts. Write better essays. Increase your GPA.
Organize your thoughts. Write better essays. Increase your GPA.
Step 3


Learn how to master the art of structuring your paper. Summarize your main points into one-sentence summaries, add transitions to weave together your narrative, and bring it home with details that enhance your main points.
Step 4


Finally, with everything organized, structured, and in one place, check your essay against your teacher's rubric or one of our standard rubrics to ensure your paper has the right ingredients to get the A.

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No more hiding from your assignments, no more watching your grades drop because you've turned yet another paper in late.

Outline is here to give you back your free time by helping you quickly and effectively finish any assignment without the headache.

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“If it weren’t for Sydney’s guidance, I wouldn’t have even made it to law school. This is the reason why I am able to practice law at a big firm and achieve success. Outline will get you through the process. ”
— Washington University School of Law, Class of 2020

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