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To close the equity gap in education through the power of writing.

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Founder's story

Writing is a crucial skill that has the power to open up numerous opportunities and doors. It allows us to clearly and effectively communicate our thoughts and ideas to others, and it is a valuable tool in both our personal and professional lives.

Our founder grew up in a lower income, immigrant, and military family. Writing gave her access to the American dream and allowed her to overcome the challenges that came with her upbringing. She was able to use her writing skills to excel academically, and as a result, was accepted into Princeton University. After completing her undergraduate studies, she went on to attend Harvard Law School where she received her law degree.

Founding Principles

How we stay inspired

Our company values a culture of collaboration, innovation, and igniting imagination. And in this way, we can all do our best at every given moment.
01 Set the right intention
02 Support others
04 Welcome setbacks
05 Every perspective matters
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OutLine's Impact

We connect pieces across the globe

For every enterprise, educational endeavor, or individual that uses Outline, our dedication to improving their capabilities speaks through admission and graduation rates. We are determined to get tools for better writing into everyone's hands.
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Founder & CEO
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Chief Technology Officer
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Chief Marketing Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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Chief Growth Officer
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Social Media Manager

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