Personal Growth

How the Ability to Write in College Affects Graduation Rate

May 26, 2022
Most colleges and universities require students to take a series of writing courses to graduate; some also require writing-intensive courses within a student's major. Those who do not hone their...
Personal Growth

Helping Students With Executive Functioning Challenges Write Better

May 28, 2022
If you are a student that struggles to focus and complete assignments because of executive functioning challenges, you might feel helpless. If you are a parent, you might think your child is being...

How Can We Use EdTech to Make Writing More Interactive

July 4, 2022
echnology has had an increasing impact on the education sector in the last decade. However, COVID-19 revealed the importance of technology in the classrooms. School closures and quarantines forced...
Stress Managment

Teacher Shortage: Burnout from Grading Essays Doesn't Help

May 6, 2022
Stories about teacher burnout and a teacher shortage, especially since COVID, regularly pop up in the media. Why now? Teachers have long been overworked and underpaid. No one who aspires to teach...
Writing Skills

How to Write a Great College Application Essay

June 20, 2022
Each year millions of graduating seniors apply to one or more colleges, leaving admissions teams millions of essays to review. Unfortunately, many of these college application essays are...

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