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Outline is an interactive writing platform designed to help students create strong writing skills through the power of outlining. For educators, Outline is a powerful tool to help reduce grading time and help teach students interactively.

Creating Essays

With Outline your students can brainstorm and organize their essays while you have full control over the assignment in the Essay Management tab.
Student view
Teacher backend view

Creating Rubrics

Create rubrics to track student performance and add criteria to evaluate and grade the quality of essays
Press "Add Rubrics" or the blue + on the righthand side to add different criteria to your rubric.

You can choose one of our pre-made rubric categories to include by selecting the checkbox next to the rubric. Or you can create your own rubric category by pressing "Add New Rubric."
To add your own rubric, follow the prompts to add a title and note how many points this rubric is worth.

You will then add the individual parameters of the rubric and assign point values to them.
student view

Student Progress

Track student progress individually and as a whole. Ensure essay completion milestones are being met.
Click on User Management to view your students. Click on an individual student to view their essays in progress.
Next to each essay, you will be able to monitor student progress, including their status. The status coincides with the names of each step on the platform.

Navigating Outline

Design grading rubrics, oversee activities, and support your students every step of the way.
Essay management is the tab that you will use most often to create essays and rubrics for your students. User management is where you will be able to view students' essay progress.

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